Wrestling Exhibition at Local Opera House

June 25, 1920

The local Opera House was packed to the doors at the entertainment given on Friday evening last for the benefit of the Jewish Welfare Fund. The program which was an elaborate one was different in many ways from any affair of its kind held here, being filled with variety, so that everyone attending was well repaid. The Hicksville Band furnished the music for the occasion gratis, as did everyone who took part in the program, which follow:

Overture, Hicksville Band; announcement, A. L. Crossley violin solo Charles Masek accompanist, Mr. Kuhne cornet solo. Samuel Kelner accompanist, Mrs. Breen violin solo. Joseph Flasch of the Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra; wrestling exhibition between Bill Rogers, 162 lbs. of New Jersey and Ernest Pickwick, 148 lbs., of Hicksville, went 18 minutes before Jersey Bill could pin the Hicksville boy to the floor.

The main event on the program, which really was the cause of the filling of the Opera House end the attending of 95 of the 103 members of the H. A. C. members was the wrestling exhibition to a finish between “Cyclone” Kelley, 180 lbs., of Brooklyn and Barney Votypka of the H. A. C. 191 lbs. This exhibition was one of the most exciting events yet seen here. Both combatants had their admirers and the cheering and cheers given the two men could be heard half a mile away. Especially so when the H. A. C. members gave voice when their mat champion wriggled out of a close situation or when he was within an inch of pinning his opponent’s shoulders to the mat. At the end of 25 minutes the Farmer Boy finally picked the Trolley Dodger up suddenly with a neck and leg hold and pinned him to the mat amid yells of bedlam from the local boy’s admirers. The next and final number on the program was a four 3 minutes round boxing exhibition between Joe Fouchy, 125 lbs., of Westbury, and Louis Farrara, 125 pounds, of Hicksville, which was a splendid piece of glove work by amateurs and both received great applause. Dancing followed.

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