Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu Exhibition

February 22, 1924

On Friday evening last the member of the Broadway Sporting Club were treated to something new and starting when Charley West of Setauket offered to meet all-comers in a Jui-Jitsumatch. Several members offered their ideas of attack and action, but found themselves utterly at the mercy of West who has made a deep study of the Japanese wrestling game.

George Prakas the Greek champion was unable to go on with Farmer Barney, owing to a sore shoulders.

The Italian title holder Mike Romano who has been winning all his matches of late substituted for Prakas and treated our friend, Barney to an assortment of head-locks that would have made Strangler Lewis feel his stock had run out. Barney however, sent the Italian home with a toe a woe-bit larger than it ought to be. This match was won by Romano in 33 minutes by a series of headlocks that made Barney dizzy. The referee came in for some kind words from the gallery when he gave his match to Romano, as the greatest number of members thought it a flying fall.

This Friday the Greek will go on with Farmer Barney.

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