H. A. C. Notes – Votypka Scores Again

March 25, 1921

About forty members of the Hicksville Athletic club accompanied Barney Votypka, the H. A. C. wrestling champion and his manager. Happy Jack Puvogel to Lindenhurst on Saturday night last to witness several wrestling events. The first pair to take possession of the mat at the National Theatre at Lindenhurst were Cyclone Peterson and Young Stotcher. The latter substituted for Young Hackenschmidt of the H. A. C., who filled a like engagement at Bridgeport, Conn. The men, Peterson, 160 pounds; Stotcher, 155pounds; Barney Votypka, referee; A. Moazolillio—timekeeper: best two in three falls, catch as catch can. This event was fast and some fine work in the wrestling art was displayed by both contestants. The event was won by Peter in two straight falls. The first fall in 7 min. 45 sec. and the second fall was 7 minutes and 30 second.

The next pair to appear were Martin Luteka and Harry Price.Llight heavy weights, Luteka weighing 164 lbs. and Price 157 lbs. After struggling 18 min. and 45sec. Luteka finally succeeded in pinning his opponent’s shoulders to the mat with double arm lock. After a 3 minutes rest the pair went at it again and for arm locks, scissors, head locks and body holds this round was a repetition of the first, only toe holds were more frequent. Luteka also won this fall and the event with a leg and arm lock in 5 minutes.

Then came the star event of the evening. When Barney Votypka, the H. A. C. champion and Otto Sampson appeared on the mat they received a great ovation. This event was to best 2 in 3 falls; catch as catch can.

Young Stetcher acted as referee with Tony Monzolilio timekeeper. Votypka weighted 195 lbs. and Sampson 185 lbs. Both men spent several minutes jockeying for a hold and feeling each other out when they both suddenly went down in a close embrace. Then all kinds of holds were resorted to. After struggling out of many dangerous positions both men got savage holds on each other, but Barney’s proved the stronger hold and finally pinned his opponent’s shoulders down in 19 minutes and 40 seconds with a head lock and arm hold. After a three minutes rest the two gladiators renewed the struggle and at the end of 7 minutes 25 second Sampson secured a powerful hold on Barney “game” arm and twisted it all it lucked about 6 inches of pinning both shoulders to the mat, which Barney refused to allow, although suffering excruciating pain until the referee and crowd insisted that he allow Sampson the fall rather than have his arm crippled. Great excitement prevailed, while Sampson continued to increase the pressure on the tender limb when the referee insisted the he concede the fall and save his arm when the Farmer Boy finally gave in. this gave each a fall. After resting up for three minutes, during which time the H. A. C. boy’s arm was rubbed with liniments and massage, the two went at it again, and this time it meant the fall and event. It was short but exciting. Sampson played for another grip on that tender left arm of Barney’s and just when he thought he had it within his powerful grasp, Barney—suddenly dropped down, grabbed Sampson by both legs swinging him around several times and then suddenly slamming him down on his back and dropped on him, pinned his shoulder firmly to the mat securing the fall and match in 9 minutes and 30 second amid great rejoicing by the H. A. C. delegation not alone because of their man winning but to know that Barney again has excellent use of his left arm.

The committee of the H. A. C. are completing arrangements for a set of three wrestling events to close the season to be given to the Opera House possibly on Friday evening, April 10. They will be all-star bouts with Carl Johnson and Young Hackenschmidt as the contestants in the main event, which is a special match.

A large gathering of baseball fans assembled in Grand Central Hall Saturday evening and witnessed an exciting basketball match between the H. A. C. team and the basketball team from Queens. The local team surprised the fan by their rapid improvement in playing the game by vanquishing their opponents. A dance which was largely attended followed the game.

The Hicksville Athletic Club will not connect in any way this year with the baseball team playing under the name of the Hicksville Baseball Club.

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