Votypka Baby Christened

October 29, 1926

John Edward Votypka, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Votypka, was christened on Sunday last. John Votypka and wife, of Detroit, Michigan, came on specially to do the honor as God-Father.

After the christening a luncheon was served to many guests who came from far and near.


March 14, 1924

It is understood that the bout between “Farmer” Barney and Louis Magnolia has been cancelled until a later date.

Lost—Two female Dogs, 8 months old each: one German Police dog, one Airedale Terrier. Barney Votypka. Woodbury Road, Hicksville.R. F. D. 1.—Adv.

Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu Exhibition

February 22, 1924

On Friday evening last the member of the Broadway Sporting Club were treated to something new and starting when Charley West of Setauket offered to meet all-comers in a Jui-Jitsumatch. Several members offered their ideas of attack and action, but found themselves utterly at the mercy of West who has made a deep study of the Japanese wrestling game.

George Prakas the Greek champion was unable to go on with Farmer Barney, owing to a sore shoulders.

The Italian title holder Mike Romano who has been winning all his matches of late substituted for Prakas and treated our friend, Barney to an assortment of head-locks that would have made Strangler Lewis feel his stock had run out. Barney however, sent the Italian home with a toe a woe-bit larger than it ought to be. This match was won by Romano in 33 minutes by a series of headlocks that made Barney dizzy. The referee came in for some kind words from the gallery when he gave his match to Romano, as the greatest number of members thought it a flying fall.

This Friday the Greek will go on with Farmer Barney.

Votypka vs. Zola

April 22, 1921

…Then came the main and  final event of the evening. This event was between Barney Votypka H. C. A.champion, 187 pounds, vs. Leon Franz Zola, 202 pounds, Greco Roman champion. Return match; Henry McIntosh, referee: William Braun, timekeeper. The rules, catch-as-catch can, best two in three falls. After a grueling and remarkable fast work by heavy mat men in which all kinds of holds were secured and broken, Zola finally secured a leg and head lock on the H. C. A. champion and pinned his shoulders to the mat gaining the first fall in 21 minutes. After the usual 5 minutes rest the pair resumed hostilities and then real fast artistic mat work was exhibited and enjoyed by the assemblage. Several times the pair wrestled themselves locked tightly in each other arms and legs clean off the stage through the ropes and down into the first rows of spectators. Still the best of good nature prevailed. Finally, at the end of 15 minutes of hard work and after several unsuccessful efforts, Barney finally succeeded in securing his favorite hold, arm and toe hold and gradually brought his opponent’shoulders to the mat amid great rejoicing, thus making the falls even. During the 5 minutes interval it could be plainly seen that Zola was suffering from the severe grueling scissors and leg holds Barney inflicted in the two preceding bouts and when they came together for the final Zola was wary and cautious while Barney was confident and as agile as ever. After maneuvering about the ring playing for a telling hold off each other for several minutes and after securing and breaking several false holds. Barney eventually secured his favorite hold again, arm and foot hold, and at the end of 7 minutes Zola displayed the white flag in token of surrender while suffering excruciating agony and before Barney had his shoulders pinned, thus given the H. C. A. champion the second fall and match. Among the spectators who witnessed the events were citizens from various parts of Nassau County.

All-star wrestling events to be held in Roosevelt Hall

April 8, 1921

The Central Park Basket Ball team has completed all necessary arrangements for the all-star wrestling events to be held in Roosevelt Hall, Central Park, Friday evening, April 15. The committee have succeeded in securing the following popular well-known mat artists: Barney Votypka, H. A. C. champing vs. Leon Franz Zola: return match and star event. Zola claims he was not in the best of shape and somewhat inexperienced at catch-as-catch can style the last time he met and was dedicated by Barney.